New Album — Greetings from Mt. Voormithadreth — Coming Soon!

Autaar & Azédarac - Greetings From Mt. Voormithadreth

Greetings From Mt. Voormithadreth

Autaar’s collaboration with Azédarac was a bountiful one.

So now we're looking for reviewers, bloggers, zines, and other interested parties to give the album a listen.

Greetings From Mt. Voormithadreth is open for review now. So drop us a line, and get your hands on a download code now, to get in on the hottest, hippest, drone ambient out there.

Contact for a sizzling download code!

Anachronisms (2023) - New album, out now!

Autaar & Orwo Fame - Anachronisms

Anachronisms (2023)

Update: New album collaboration Anachronisms out for download now.

Made together with Matteo Giomi, who works under the name Orwo Fame, during an intense recording session in Berlin, this album is a reflection of life in the City; Full of arduous surprises, strange vistas, odd rhythms, and the detritus of its immense machinery.

Get Anachronisms on Bandcamp, or click the player below to take a listen.

The album is also available for streaming everywhere there’s music to be streamed: Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, and many more.

In De Kiem Gesmoord (2022) - Album available now!

Autaar & 404 - In De Kiem Gesmoord

In De Kiem Gesmoord (2022)

My album In De Kiem Gesmoord was released on August 26, 2022.

It is a collaboration between me (Autaar) and Joost van Ophem, who works under the name 404.

The album came into existence during the first pandemic of my lifetime, and is a reflection of working as an artist during it and its accompanying limitations. It is a view into the tiny upstairs window of our souls — behind which we’re slowly losing it.

Get In De Kiem Gesmoord on Bandcamp, or click the player below to take a listen.

As an accompaniment to the listener, we have created an Online Addendum to this album, in which we provide insights into the creative process. As each of us adds thoughts, internal dialog, and prose, we enrich the listening experience for the reader.

Please visit the The Online Addendum for a look into the process.

De Lucht, Als Vuur Ontstoken (2020) - Single out now!

Autaar - De Lucht, Als Vuur Ontstoken

De Lucht, Als Vuur Ontstoken (2020)

My new drone smash hit single De Lucht, Als Vuur Ontstoken is available now everywhere you can stream music.

So either type some ancient Dutch in your search bar, or click the big button on the player below to take a listen!

Get De Lucht, Als Vuur Ontstoken on Bandcamp, or click the player below to take a listen.

About Autaar

Autaar artist photo

Autaar in 2021.

Autaar is the experimental ambient drone project of Mark Lindhout. Born in the Netherlands, he now lives and works in Germany.

Autaar’s music consists of ambient drone, incorporating elements from generative art, religious ritual, and found sources such as tapes and field recordings.

Autaar was created in the wake of BUIS, Sarc, and 900rpm, as a project aiming for collaboration with the many drone artists out there. (Honestly, you’d be surprised how many of us there are.)

A core tenet of Autaar is the belief that all music is an expression of the universal reverberations within everything. These resonant vibrations are fundamental, all-permeating and forever.

Everything is drone — I'm just putting the needle to the record.